Our Services

What We Do:
It’s getting more popular to attain clean and sexy skin. In this process the entire pubic area is waxed. Some women prefer to Wax it all off.

Reasons to wax with us:
We do not recycle wax, no double dipping and have a qualified service in a clean and fresh environment using everything disposable. We use hard wax, perfect for sensitive skin and all types of hair. it works better than any other type of wax and it is an organic wax original from Brazil that contains the wonderful ingredient of seaweed. It also exfoliates the skin leaving it smooth, soft and clean and ensuring a long lasting result.

Our Brazilian Wax and waxing methods allows your hair to grow back finer, sparse, softer, and lighter. Also, organic Brazilian Wax is gentle to the skin therefore the removal process is less painful.


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