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Before Rio Brazilian Wax you were wondering..

 If having smooth, soft, and healthy skin in an inexpensive way has been what your looking for, look no further.Tired of stubble and razor bumps? You have come to the perfect place.

At logo2 1 we offer Authentic Brazilian Waxing using organic wa x, coming straight from the root of Brazil.This service is available for both men and women. At logo2 1 we use hard wax, which is perfect for every type of skin and hair. It also exfoliates the skin, leaving whatever area chosen a c lean and hairless look ensuring you a long lasting result.One of the most-touted benefits of waxing is that, unlike with shaving or tweezing, the waxed area will stay hair-free for weeks.When the hair grows back, it’s generally finer and softer than before.
 For years people have been putting those razors and have chosen the best alternative, Rio Brazilian Wax is your solution.It gives you weeks of hair free areas, thinner and finer hair, and just a simply beautiful look.

What are you missing out on? All our Estheticians are skilled, licensed professionals, who have been working in this business for years. Don’t think or worry about any pain, because we are here to please and serve you in the best form. So come see us, let us give you a little feel of Rio Waxing.

Reasons to Brazilian wax with us:We do not recycle wax, no double dipping and have a qualified service

in a clean and fresh environment using everything disposable.

After you have a Brazilian Wax done by logo2 1, we promise and guarantee you flawless skin with a smile, is what you’ll be leaving with.

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