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Pregnancy And Waxing

There’s absolutely no reason why you would get “rejected” at a salon for a bikini wax, no matter how far along you are. Bikini waxes are completely safe for most pregnant women (barring some kind
of extenuating health complication), and plenty of pregnancy do-it-at-home groomers will move on to the salon professionals to take care of things once the belly gets in the way.

The only problem with waxing during pregnancy, however, is that it can be more painful for some women, because your skin can become much more sensitive. And…nerve endings. And science. And assorted “pregnancy is strange” things. Some women don’t report much of a difference between waxing pain levels before, during and after pregnancy, while others REALLY notice a jump in their discomfort level. (I found the first wax post-baby to be weirdly extra painful, instead of the ones during.) But a good salon and esthetician should have experience and options (hard wax vs. other varieties, aftercare products) that should make your waxing as easy as possible for you.

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