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Does Brazilian Waxing cause ingrown hair to appear?

Ingrown hairs occur in the large majority of women who have high levels of masculine hormones or those who are born with hairs that are less straight. Since you can not modify this characteristic, what happens is that, when the hair is removed from the root, the hair becomes weaker. If the client’s skin is not well hydrated and the layer of keratin (dead cells that line our skin) is thick (dry) & will not pull from the skin. The secret is to take care of the skin using exfoliation and moisturizing.


Does Brazilian Waxing with hot wax cause varicose veins?

No. Weather it’s hot wax, warm (tepid), roll-on or cold does not cause varicose veins which are dilated and tortuous veins that do not have the ability to return the blood. They are located far beneath the hypodermis, but if the symptoms are advanced inflammation with ulcers and phlebitis, waxing is not recommended nor shaving.


My face was Brazilian waxed and became very red, is this normal?

Yes, the facial skin does become red after a Brazilian waxing, as this region is very sensitive. Avoid sun exposure & if you chose to not, we suggest you use sun block it prevents staining. It is also normal for your legs to feel itchy because circulation was activated with the application and removal of waxing.


Can waxing cause dark spots or stain the skin?

The dark spots may appear if there is exposure to the sun without sunscreen used after Brazilian waxing or If the hot wax is applied on any kind of injury. Waxing strips the protective layer of the skin, leaving it more exposed and vulnerable, therefore, requires extra care.


Does hot wax removal cause less pain than cold wax?

Yes, the hot wax acts as a relaxant on the skin, dilating the pores, which facilitates the removal of the hair with more ease and less painful.


Should the Brazilian wax being used on someone be disposable?

Yes. Never use the same wax on more than one person.


What at least is recommended for customers so that the end result of Brazilian waxing is satisfactory?

We recommend:
Avoid exposure to the sun and using creams and deodorants that contain alcohol in their formulation, within 24 hours after waxing not to cause skin blemishes.
・ Do not use tight jeans after Brazilian waxing your legs and groin to not cause skin irritation.
・ After Brazilian waxing of any body part, always use sunscreen, even on rainy days.
・ If you have a rash or irritation or some kind of abnormality in the skin, we suggest you to wax another time.
・ Exfoliate or do a body scrub up to 3 days before Brazilian Waxing as a way to prevent ingrown hairs.